What are the 10 best Superman movies of all time?


Many kids before, whom are all adults now, were seeing Christopher Reeve as the Superman hero in his Superman movies. Now, here are all those Superman movies that arrange from the best up to the not so good one. Enjoy watching!

supermanmole.jpg10. Superman & the Mole Men, 1951

This is a separate created black-to-white American superhero film by director Lee Sholem with the stars Phyllis Coates played as Lois Lane and George Reeves portrays as the Superman. The storyline is about the reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent, who arrived in the little city of Silsby to observe the world’s grave oil well drilling, however, out of curiosity, there was a bald, small humanoids who, climb up to the town surface at night which scares the folks and only Superman may intervene to stop the tragedy.

supermabat9. Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice, 2016

It has nearly been 2 years, ever since Superman’s played by Henry Cavill colossal fight with Zod played by Michael Shannon demolished the Metropolis City. The collateral damage and loss of lives left many helpless and feeling angry people, including the billionaire crime-battling Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck. Positive that Superman is today’s threat to the human race, Batman gets on a private vendetta to finish his reign over the Earth, but the conniving Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg initiates his personal crusade towards the Man of Steel.

superman steel8. Man of Steel, 2013

With the pending destruction of Krypton, the home planet, Russell Crowe as Jor-El and his wife look out to preserve the race by transmitting their baby to the Earth. The baby’s spacecraft landed on the farm of Martha by Diane Lane and Jonathan Kent by Kevin Costner, who name him as Clark and raised him as if their personal son. Although the extraordinary capabilities had led to the matured Clark by Henry Cavill dwelling on the limits of their society, he discovers that he must be a hero to rescue those that matters to him from the dire threat.

superman peace

7. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, 1987

Seeing the Soviet Union and the United States occupied in the nuclear arms race that might lead to the destruction of the Earth, Superman played by Christopher Reeve settles on taking some actions. He collected all of the nuclear warheads around the world and tossed them into space. In the mean time, Superman’s nemesis, Luthor, Lex played by Gene Hackman, has smashed out from prison with the latest scheme. He cloned Superman with the radioactive stuff to make a Nuclear Man played by Mark Pillow, a being that was as powerful and strong as the “Man of Steel.”

supermanreturns6. Superman Returns, 2006

While Lex Luthor, played by Kevin Spacey plots in destroying him again, Man of Steel played by Brandon Routh returned after the long absence to the much-changed humanity. Lois Lane played by Kate Bosworth was transferred on her life, and the community has learned to live on without him. Superman should look for a way to connect again with her and must look for his place in the world that no longer wanted him.

supermancyt5. Superman II – “The Richard Donner Cut”, 2006

Kryptonian villain General Zod played by Terence Stamp and the henchmen were freed by accident from the outer-space caging and threatened the Earth with damage, just like Superman played by Christopher Reeve settles to renounce the superpowers for the new affection, Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder. This alternative version of the movie is from footage shot, directed by Richard Donner just before being replaced in this project and it included some stuffs not viewed in the movie’s original 1980 release.

supermasmall4. Smallville, 2001–2011

The explanation of the Superman tale features the young Clark Kent that is coming to hold with his rising superpowers. In the final edition, Clark continued his affair with Lois and faced his fate as he conquers his final tests, forging the iconic personality by which he is identified for all time.

superma33. Superman III, 1983

The Computer programmer Richard Pryor as Gus Gorman was hired by a financial tycoon Robert Vaughn as Ross Webster to have control of the weather satellite and wipe out the crop of Colombia’s coffee. When Christopher Reeve Superman handles to thwart the proposed, Webster commanded Gorman to apply the satellite to find kryptonite, the Man of Steel’s human weakness. But the missing strange element in kryptonite swap by Gorman with a tar and it caused the unintended side outcome when offered to Superman.

superma12. Superman, 1978

Just before the demolition of the Krypton planet, the scientist Jor-El played by Marlon Brando transmits his infant Kal-El on the spaceship to Earth. Lifted by the kind farmers Jonathan played by Glenn Ford and also Martha Kent played by Phyllis Thaxter, the young Clark played by Christopher Reeve discovered the cause of his powers as superhuman and transferred to Metropolis to battle with the evil. Being a Superman, he fights the wicked Lex Luthor, played by Gene Hackman, while, being a novice reporter Clark, he tries to woo the co-employee Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder.

superman21. Superman II, 1980

Superman played by Christopher Reeve foiled the story of the terrorists by dashing their nuclear tool in the outer space, but a bomb alarms waves released by the Kryptonian villain Gen. Zod played by Terence Stamp and the henchmen Ursa played Sarah Douglas and also Non played by Jack O’Halloran from the jail. Taking a trip to the earth, they threatened the planet with some destruction at a similar time that Superman settles on renouncing his superpowers just to live the normal life being Clark Kent with the new affection, Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder.

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What are the 10 animals that appeared in Shrek Movies?

This is the lists of animal characters that emerged in every Shrek movies, and somehow they add bliss to make the Shrek franchise even more wanting to watch for by the viewers.

Here they are:


s donkey1. Donkey


Eddie Murphy voiced as Donkey and he is the little talking donkey. He is the annoying but a kindhearted best buddy of Shrek and the father of the Dronkeys.

s Puss_in_Boots

2. Puss in Boots

Antonio Banderas voiced as Puss in Boots and he is Shrek’s sidekick. It is from the fairy tale character of Puss in Boots and the type of parody of Zorro. He’s always wearing a strap with a sword, a cavalier’s hat, a pair of small Corinthian boots, a small black cape and he is the Spanish accent smooth-talking cat. He usually overpowers his opponent by diverting them with the cute kitten’s appearance. There were also common cat behaviors that he exhibits like chasing spotlights, coughing up hairballs and normally resulting in his capture or defeat.

s Dragon

3. Dragon

Frank Welker voiced as Dragon and he was described as the ruby-colored dragon that debuts as the fierce guard testing Donkey and Shrek in their mission to trace Princess Fiona. She is annoyed when Donkey disturbs her sleep accidentally. As Donkey tried to divert her, he made the awareness that Dragon successfully manages to fascinate his style past her. While she played the minor role in the movie, she came back towards the conclusion of the matrimonial ceremony of Shrek and Fiona, wherein Donkey acquires her as the real bride. They are featured as a couple in the incidents of the sequel and she was left at home because of her grouchy behavior due to unknown pregnancy and this news was what she gave as presents to Donkey, their newborn hybrid kids, the Dronkeys.

S the_wolf

4. The Big Bad Wolf

Aron Warner voiced as the Big Bad Wolf and was from the eponymous fairy tale personality, but varies from it by just being a kind spirit. He rarely talks and his voices are somewhat monotonous and dull. He is wearing a pink dress, remembering Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. In the primary movie, he is the fairy-tale being that was expelled to Shrek’s swamp.

s 3 pigs

5. Three Little Pigs

Cody Cameron voiced as the Three Little Pigs and they were buddies of Shrek and the rest of the crowd. One of the pigs told that Lord Farquaad puffed, huffed and indicates an eviction notice. Everyone else had German accents and they all appeared in all of the Shrek movies.

S 3 mice

6. Three Blind Mice

Simon Smith and Christopher Knights voiced as the Three Blind Mice. They are the trio of the same blind mice brothers in an English accent, and are buddies of Shrek and the rest. They sport black sunglasses while carrying canes because Forder, Horder and Gorder were all blind. Not the same with fairy tale, the tails were not taken away and they illustrate no signs of wounds.

s Dronkeys

7. Dronkeys

Dronkeys were the hybrid children of a Donkey and Dragon. They initially appeared in Shrek 2 and the viewers missed Dragon in the movie, as was exposed to the moviemakers during the test screenings. Dragon reunited with a Donkey in the Far Far Away land just to show her present for him in tow, the six little hybrids donkey-dragon kids, who bring to their father right away. The donkey is charmed, and named the dronkeys as their tiny mutant babies. The names given were Bananas, Coco, Debbie, Eclair, Peanut, and Parfait. They initially appear just to give Shrek the wake-up call, and then to bid goodbye to the Donkey just before his trip with Shrek.

s softpaws

8. Kitty Softpaws

Salma Hayek voiced as Kitty Softpaws and she was a deuteragonist in the Puss in Boots. She is the Puss’ love interest and his female counterpart. Like Puss, she speaks with a Spanish accent. During the final time in Shrek 2 they were singing Livin’ La Vida Loca, and it was thought that the black cat being seen in solo was Kitty Softpaws, although not yet confirmed.

s fifi

9. Fifi

Fifi is Rumpelstiltskin’s huge pet goose. She is the bodyguard and cart puller and harassed Shrek and Donkey. During the final moments of the film, Fiona sang a high note and this makes Fifi to blow up next to the bluebird, the homage to the scene from the initial film.

s goose

10. Golden Goose

In Puss in Boots, the Golden Goose seemed to be a huge gosling and being labeled as a golden goose and although she is too young, she has already laid golden solid eggs and is decided to soar as she wave her wings.

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What are the top 10 adjusted grossing movies of Angelina Jolie?

If you are someone that are also curious about what are the best Angelina Jolie films that rank at the box office and which one take home most of the awards and nominations, then you are one with us. Below are the top movies of Jolie that rank best based on the adjusted inflation.



  1. Salt, 2010 – $132,300,400

This film is an action thriller movie where Jolie played was Evelyn Salt that was indicted of being a sleeper agent of Russian and go off the run to attempt on clearing her name. Salt grossed $132 million at the box office worldwide and gained positive reviews generally, with admirations for the action sceneries and with Jolie’s performance, but still there are drawing criticism about the writing, and reviewers find the plot convoluted and implausible.



  1. Kung Fu Panda 3 – $148,649,700

This is a 3D computer-animated comedy-action martial arts movie and the third episode of Kung Fu Panda. Here, Po entered into the panda community and has been re-united with his real father and the rest of the other pandas, but there are troubles that arise when a wicked spirit warrior known as Kai, returned to the mortal kingdom and sneak chi from the masters of kung fu. To stop Kai from getting chi from all the kung fu masters and the other pandas, Po creates the panda army to fight Kai’s jade gofer and Po should become the master of chi and will beat him and rescue his friends. The movie received positive reviews worldwide against the $145 million dollar budget.


  1. Wanted, 2008- $166,543,300

The film is an American-German thriller-action movie from the comic book mini-series with identical title. The storyline followed McAvoy played as Wesley Gibson, a bothered account manager that discovered that he was the son of the expert murderer and settles on joining with the Fraternity, a secret association where his father worked. Wanted gained both the commercial and critical success with its box office earnings worldwide and the reviews praising its’ stylized action and fast pacing scenes.


  1. Gone in 60 Seconds, 2000 – $167,654,100

This is an American action heist movie that was shot throughout Long Beach, California and Los Angeles. In year 1995, Denice Halicki entered into a license agreement to create the remake with Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney. The movie trailer was one of the first main movies to use a feminine trailer voice. During the opening weekend, the movie grossed $25,336,048 from about 3,006 US cinemas, leading all movies that weekend.



  1. Kung Fu Panda 2, 2011 – $182,433,700

The movie is a 3D American comedy-drama, computer-animated martial arts movie with Jackie Chan reprising his character part coming from the original movie. In the movie, the Furious Five and Po fights a devil peacock known as Lord Shen that has a mighty weapon that he prepare to overcome China with. But Po finds out a horrifying secret regarding his past and that Shen has something to deal with it. The film had a $150 million budget and it was considered as the top-grossing animated movie of the year.


  1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, 2001 – $206,021,900

This is an action-adventure movie from the famous Tomb Raider video play game series by director Simon West and it rotates with Lara Croft in attempting to get prehistoric artifacts coming from the enemy. The movie received generally negative reviews coming from their critics because of its bland plot and stylized action, but Jolie was admired for her performance here. Tomb Raider was considered the top grossing movie during its opening week. Tomb Raider was a real box office success with its debut grossed about $48.2 million and initially ranked at number one.


  1. Shark Tale, 2004 – $230,264,100

The movie is an American comedy-drama and computer-animated movie under the production of DreamWorks Animation with director Vicky Jenson, Rob Letterman and Bibo Bergeron. The story of a fish called Oscar played by Smith, who mistakenly claimed to have murdered the son of the shark mob boss to proceeds his personal community standing. The movie opening at number 1with the grossed about $47.6 million, and this was the second-top rank during its opening week for the DreamWorks Animation movie.


  1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith, 2005 – $258,428,900

This is an American action comedy movie that leads with the married couple Pitt and Jolie. They are the fed-up upper-middle class pair that was surprised to discover that they were assassins that belongs to the competing groups, and that they were assigned to murder each other. This is the movie where the relationship of Jolie and Pitt established. This movie ranked at the top during its opening weekend, which accumulates $50,342,878.



  1. Maleficent, 2014 – $259,180,400

This American dark fantasy movie is loosely from Charles Perrault’s first ever fairy tale that was inspired by the 1959 Walt Disney’s animated movie, the Sleeping Beauty. The movie portrayed the tales from the viewpoint of the eponymous adversary, depicting her tenuous connection with the king and the princess of the corrupt kingdom. The movie was met with mix-up reviews from the critics, but was a total commercial success which grossed over millions from around the world, and became the fourth-top-grossing movie in 2014.


  1. Kung Fu Panda, 2008 – $266,742,800

This is an American computer-animated comedy-action martial arts movie by DreamWorks Animation production. Set in the version of primeval China populated by the anthropomorphic speaking animals, the story evolved towards a bumbling panda, known as Po who desires to be the kung fu master. When the devil kung fu fighter was foretold to run away after 20 years in jail, Po is innocently called as the chosen one meant to fight him and bring back the peace to their land. The Kung Fu Panda movie opened in 4,114 theaters and grossed about $20.3 million during its opening day.

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What are the top 10 Horse Movies from year 2000 and onward?


The next finest thing with riding horses is to watch it through horse movies. Everybody has a childhood horse movie favorite and although most horse people are not admitting it, but an ideal night spent before a TV watching, horse movies are one of the best ways to enjoy your hobby. Our preferred movies may vary during periods of technical merit, and they are all appreciated for the plain reason that they narrate good stories. Here are some of the horse movies from the millennium year up to now.



  1. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, 2002

The story is about a wild stallion that was detained by humans and then gradually loses the determination to fight back with his training. Yet during his battle for his liberty, the stallion rejects to let go of his hope that the day will come when he will return home to his flock. Director Lorna Cook Kelly and Asbury made this movie possible with stars Matt Damon, Daniel Studi, James Cromwell, and Chopper Bernet.



  1. Seabiscuit, 2003

Director Gary Ross created this real story movie about an undersized slump-era racehorse whose success raises not only the moods of his squad behind it but also with those of their population. The lead stars here were Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks, Jeff Bridges, and Chris Cooper.


  1. Hidalgo, 2004

In the year 1890, a homeless cowboy Frank Hopkins, together with his mustang, Hidalgo takes a journey to Arabia to battle in a fatal cross wilderness horse race. They are part of the Buffalo Bill’s show of the Wild West, where there were advertisements about the great distance horse riders in the world. The movie is directed by Joe Johnston and artists Viggo Mortensen, Zuleikha Robinson, Omar Sharif, and Louise Lombard.


  1. Dreamer, 2005

Director John Gatins made this movie Dreamer in the year 2005 where he was stimulated by a true story. It is about the story of Cale Crane, who catalyzes, or made the act of rescuing and rehabilitating Sonador, the race horse that has a broken leg. The following stars here were Kurt Russell, Oded Fehr, Dakota Fanning, and Kris Kristofferson.


  1. Racing Stripes, 2005

Frankie Muniz, Snoop Dogg, David Spade, and Bruce Greenwood are the stars that act in this horse movie. It is all about the abandoned zebra that grows up in believing that he is also a racehorse, and, with the assistance of a teenage girl and his barnyard pals. It is set out to attain his fantasy of racing the breed of thoroughbreds. The movie director is Frederik Du Chau.


  1. The Derby Stallion, 2005

The story is about an alcoholic former horse-coach who recognizes with his exclusive present of horsemanship to a fifteen-year-old lad and makes it achievable for a boy to visualize his dream and have the chance to pursue it. The movie under the direction of Craig Clyde with stars Bill Cobbs, William Moses, Zac Efron, and Tonja Walker.


  1. Flicka, 2006

In the present day, young Katy McLaughlin imagines of working on and on, and one day, wants to take over the ranch of her father. She cultivated a mustang and gave her a name of Flicka. She discovers that she and Flicka has a lot in common and she did not imagine it that way. But, Tim McGraw, her father, sells Flicka, and Katy wants to attest to her father that she can run the ranch and so she planned on winning back her horse by joining in a dangerous race. Director Michael Mayer with stars Alison Lohman, Maria Bello, Tim McGraw, and Ryan Kwanten made this movie a total click.


  1. All Roads Lead Home, 2008

The story of this movie is about a teenage 12-year old lady who struggles with the loss of her mother in a car accident, but then, discovers love from a tiny puppy known as Atticus. It is directed by Dennis Fallon with stars Peter Coyote, Vivien Cardone, Jason London, and Peter Boyle.


  1. Secretariat, 2010

Despite her inexperience, mother and housewife Penny Chenery approves of taking over the management of their family breed of Thoroughbred farm right after her father becomes ill. Effectively finding her way throughout the male-subjugated world of horse racing, Chenery, together with her veteran colleague and trainer Lucien Laurin, promotes an exceptional stallion that eventually crosses the final line in the record as the 1973 Triple Crown winner. The movie stars Diane Lane, Margo Martindale, John Malkovich, and Nelsan Ellis with director Randall Wallace.


  1. War Horse, 2011

Set towards the sweeping canvas of Europe and the rural England during the World War I, “War Horse” started with the notable friendship of a horse known as Joey and a little man named Albert, who disciplined and trains him. When the time that they are forced to part ways, the movie follows the strange voyage of the horse as he shifts through the war, inspiring and changing the lives of those he encounters. Albert’s hopeful trip takes him to England and takes him to the war rages. The movie is directed by Steven Spielberg and the actors are Jeremy Irvine, David Thewlis, Emily Watson, and Benedict Cumberbatch.


What are the Top 10 Grossing Movies of 2016?

Another year has passed by and 2017 is also a different year to make a history in the movie industry. The past year has recorded movies with an outline of events and happenings with their top grossing films, festivals, award ceremonies, and a lot more. Below is the rank of movies that has the highest-grossing from the past year.


  1. Suicide Squad = $745,600,054

Suicide Squad has its premiere on August 1, 2016 at the New York City and was released in 2D, 3D and also in IMAX 3D. It follows a strong debut that places a new box office data in the 10th rank of the highest-grossing movie of 2016. It gained negative reviews coming from their critics, whom criticized their directing, plot, and the characters, but it praised Margot Robbie’s acting.


  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them = $776,820,251

The movie is the initial chapter of The Fantastic Beasts sequences, and ranked ninth in overall Wizarding World of J. K. Rowling’s, and it is the contract that started with Harry Potter movies. Principal photography started in Leavesden, England at the Warner Bros. Studios. The movie premiered on November 10, 2016 and was released globally on November 18, 2016 in IMAX, 3D, Laser, 4K and with some other massive format theaters.


  1. Deadpool = $783,112,979

Deadpool premiered on February 8, 2016, in Paris, and was released in the United States on February 12 in IMAX, D-Box DLP, and massive format cinemas. The movie gained global critical acclaim with their critics, who praised Reynolds’ acting as well as the movie’s approach, faithful portrayal of the titular personalities and its comics, stunts, visual effects, action sequences, comedic humor and the Tom Holkenborg’s ranks, but disapproved with the plot as formulaic. The movie was a commercial achievement worldwide and breaks numerous box-office reports with the highest grossing rated R movie of all time when not adjusted for increased, and also the top grossing X-Men movie. Fox ordered progress of its sequel after the movie’s success.


  1. Rogue One = $789,714,705

The movie is the initial film in the series of the Star Wars Anthology. Rogue One is set right after the episode of the Revenge of the Sith and directly prior to the happening of A New Hope. Principal photography started near London in Elstree Studios during August 2015. Rogue One premiered on December 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, but released on December 16, 2016 in the United States. The movie received positive reviews, with admiration for its acting, musical score, action sequences, visual effects and darker tone, although some criticized their lack of character expansion.


  1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice = $873,260,194

The movie was premiered in Mexico City at the Auditorio Nacional on March 19, 2016, but released on the 25th of March, 2016, in the United States in its 2D, 4DX, IMAX 3D, 3D, and premium huge format theaters with 70 mm prints. Following the strong debut that places new box office data, the movie encounter a momentous drop in their second weekend and despite spiraling a profit, it was really a box office distressed and gained negative reviews coming from their critics. A director’s cut, hailed as the Ultimate Copy with a 30 minutes of their additional footage.


  1. The Secret Life of Pets = $875,457,937

The movie premiered on June 16, 2016 at the Animated Film Festival in the Annecy International and was released to cinemas on July 8, 2016 in the United States by Universal Pictures. Upon their released, it received positive reviews and becomes the 6th top grossing animated original movie not produced by either Pixar or Disney.


  1. The Jungle Book = $966,550,600

Brigham Taylor, the producer, work the movie’s story as the balance in between Kipling’s original works and Disney’s animated adaptation, scrounging elements from both in the movie. Principal photography originated in 2014, with filming happened totally in Los Angeles. The movie required broad range application of computer-generated images to set and portray the animals. The movie was released in Disney in North America Digital in 3-D, IMAX 3D, RealD 3D, D-Box, and in huge large formats. It became a commercial and a critical success.


  1. Zootopia = $1,023,784,195

Zootopia premiered on February 13, 2016, at the Film Festival of Belgium in the Brussels Animation and went in the general theatrical published in conventional 2D, RealD 3D, IMAX 3D and Disney Digital 3-D, formats on March 4, in the United States. The movie was admired for its animation, humor, voice cast, and themes regarding social stereotypes and its discrimination. The movie was selected by the Institute of American Film as included in the top 10 films of 2016. The movie won for the Best Animated Feature in the Choice Movie Award by Critics’ and has been voted for many awards, like the Golden Globe nomination as the Best Animated Featured movie.


  1. Finding Dory = $1,027,771,569

The movie premiered on June 8, 2016, in Los Angeles of the El Capitan Theatre and was announced in the United States. Upon its’ release, the movie was in its’ commercial and critical success, but still grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, and turned to be the initial first Pixar movie to intersect the mark since the Toy Story 3 in 2010. The movie sets many records, like the top grossing animated movie that opens in North America.


  1. Captain America: Civil War = $1,153,304,495

The movie takes its principal photography in Fayette County, Georgia of the Pinewood Atlanta Studios and goes until the Metro Atlanta area just before closing in Germany. It started on April 2015 and continued until August 2015. The movie is the initial film to use the IMAX’s digital 2D cams and the visual effects were offered by nearly 20 unlike studios throughout the post-production procedures. The movie held their world premiere on April 12, 2016, in Los Angeles, but it was released on May 6, 2016, in the United States in IMAX 3D and 3D. The movie became a commercial and also a critical success. It grossed about 1.1 billion worldwide, and makes as the top grossing movie of the year 2016 and ranked as the number one movie of all time.


Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Upcoming new movies this year 2017 will mostly be sequels of the most anticipated movies in the big screen.Superheroes, action and adventure movies to be wait and watch.


The fifth and considered the last film of Michael Bay’s Transformer film series. The film will be release on June 23, 2017 and some old cast in the first three movies will return.



Captain Jack Sparrow return in the sea but pursued by a ghost captain and his crew. In search of a powerful artifact to stop the ghost captain on a killing rampage.



Also known as the “Fast and Furious 8” and the eight installment of the movie franchise. The gang is back but now in a new situation, Toretto (Vin Diesel) will be the new obstacle in the team.



The movie is considered the last installment and the sixth installment of the “Resident Evil” movie franchise. Alice fight for the last time to save humanity from extinction.



The movie is the fifth installment of the DC  Extended Universe. Batman and Wonder Woman assemble a group of superheroes to stop an invading threat to the world.



The movie is the another installment in the Star Wars movie franchise. Its the sequel to the 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens film.



The second installment of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” film series. The team is back for more galaxy saving with the help of some friends. The galaxy won’t save itself.



The movie is the fifth installment of the “Underworld” film series. Vampires and Wolf clan are searching for Selenes’s daughter to extract her blood to gain power.



The movie is the third solo movie of Wolverine and the tenth installment of the X-Men film series. Wolverine also known as Logan beginning to age and the old Wolverine beginning to fade away.



The movie is the reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. It is the third Power Ranger movie and the re-imagine film the first Power Ranger movie.



Top 10 Movies of 2006 (Worldwide Gross)

Every year we choose the best of the best movies to post. We decide on how the movie gross all over the world. Here are the most watched movies in the big screen:

10. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Having a worldwide gross of $162,870,525 the movie is one in the top 10. A professional NASCAR driver exceed his limitation that causes him to have and accident. Slowly recovering from a trauma he push himself to be in the race again.


9. Casino Royale

Grossing over $594,420,283 worldwide another successful James Bond movie. Daniel Craig as James Bond stops another villain on financing a terrorist group by taking all the money on a card game.


8. Over the Hedge (2006)

Having a worldwide gross of $343,397,247 all over this movie became one of the successful animated movies of 2006. Group of animals try to gather food from a newly build housing development while avoiding being caught.


7. Happy Feet (2006)

Grossing ever $385,000,317 worldwide this movie sing itself in the top 10 movies of 2006. The movie is about an Emperor penguin who cannot sing and the only way to find a mate is through singing.


6. Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

The second sequel to the “Ice Age” film and grosses over $651,899,282 worldwide. The comical and unlikely herd return to save the animals from an upcoming flood and finding her love of his life.


5. Superman Returns (2006)

The movie grosses $374,085,065 all over the world and homage sequel to the past Superman movies. The movie is about Superman returning from Earth after travelling through space to visit what remains of his planet Krypton.


4. The Da Vinci Code (2006)

The movie grosses over $767,820,459 worldwide. The movie was adapted from a novel of the same name by Dan Brown starring Tom Hanks. Solving the mystery of the “Holy Grail” and preserving Christianity.


3. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Grossing $459,359,555 worldwide and the third installment to the X-Men film series. The government want to cure the mutant genes but the revolving mutant lead by Magneto wants to destroy the so called cure.


2. Cars (2006)

The movie grosses over $461,651,246 all over the world. In a world of  anthropomorphic vehicles a rookie Car racer dream big of being the first rookie champion and became the new face of the famous Dinoco sponsorship.


1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

The movie grosses over $1,066,215,812 all over world. The movie is the second installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Captain Jack Sparrow return his second movie to pay his debts to Davy Jones.