Who are the top 10 powerful female characters in DC Comics?


It is the time of the all-influential female superhero and sometimes says that they are as equal to those famous superheroes that we know like Batman and Superman to name a bit. Even in the present landscape of latest and the improved superheroines, the long-time lists of the ultimately strong ladies in DC women are still the most inspiring on comic books, movies and television series. Here is the list of the most powerful women on our list.

  1. Starfire

starShe is not only one from the most powerful but also known as the sexiest superheroines in DC comics, Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran planet. She has an alien DNA that provides the exceptional abilities of absorbing dangerous quantity of radiation and transformed it into a pure energy, and then used it as a stick called Starbolts. She may take radiation from some other life forms through sucking and kissing, like when she kissed Dick Grayson, whom she fell in-love with and whom she learned how to talk in English. After years of imprisonment, tortures and a fight with the evil sister, she made it to Earth and there was where she discovered the Teen Titans.


  1. Raven

ravenSpeaking of her moods and dark personality, Rachel Roth is simply powerful. She’s a superheroine plagued with the dark magic powers and has a demon coming from a dad. Even though she wanted to apply her powers for the good of everyone, there are times that she loses control of the emotions and it kills out because of jealousy. Raven has the tele-empathetic ability where she can able to teleport using the Soul-Self that fights for her. She can manipulate others through the telekinesis and then manifested as the force field. Raven is also a famous Teen Titans member. Sad to say, she is a sexual assault outcome when the Emperor Trigon, demonic father insisted himself to Ariella, the human mother. Even though she was taken-care of the monks, yet, she has that hard time in managing her emotions that were fueled by Azar demonic powers.


  1. Hawkgirl

HawkgirlAlthough it is thought as a curse, Hawkgirl is the superheroine that can cheat death continuously with the reincarnation power along side of Hawkman. The Nth Metal can defy gravity and can give Hawkgirl the flight power and advanced healing. The weaponry and trusty mace made from a mystery metal is fatal to her enemies, and it is as great as the battle skill and bloodlust. Hawkgirl had a liking for violence and still remained the powerful fighter, and no matter who they were reincarnated has been, however, Hawkman and our Hawkgirl always locate with each other and then again just to die once more.


  1. Vixen

vixenVixen seizes the strength of the whole animal kingdom and it is because of Tantu Totem necklace the magical family heirloom. She can bind the ferocity of the lion, the rate of the cheetah and a brute strength of the bull to fight anybody that dares to harm mother-nature and these were just the start of the savage powers. The underwater battle is not a problem with Vixen since she may raises gills in immediately. She is an animal civil rights activist that had that limited strength in tapping the strength of any kind of animal to destroy the enemies. Vixen teamed-up with Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and even conquered Gorilla Grodd with a Flash! The ferocious lady that carried the skill of the whole animal kingdom and with her is the deadly and powerful woman.

  1. Batwoman

BatwomanThe family of bat has been contained of many super powerful heroes throughout the tale of DC comics. Batwoman has proven to be the toughest matriarch and the moment that Kate Kane will put on the utility belt, she will become the powerful shield of Gotham City alongside of Batgirl and Batman. Although Kate may be a bit self-vicious, she will always be the closest woman to Batman and this is all because of her extensive exceptional ops training and the high level of analytical intelligence. She may take over Batman that easy and even proved herself as the better option on many occasions. As a young girl, Kate Kane is the typical army brat that shifted from town to town and fell in-love with the City of Gotham.


  1. Huntress

huntressThere have been fairly a few ladies that have carried the Huntress mantle. Huntress can be able to drive a motorcycle and can be better than anybody in the comic book history and is even more precise with the veteran than a Caped Crusader. Huntress has joined the Power Girl for personal series and was a Justice League, Justice Society and Birds of Prey member. The Golden Age Huntress initial introduction was in 1977 and Huntress is a dead woman that remained a fan favorite of everyone.



  1. Batgirl

batgirlBarbara Gordon is a descendant of the police commissioner of Gotham City, James Gordon, and through the motivation from Robin and Batman, she felt that she can do a lot as a vigilante than she ever can do while working together with her father. In spite of the many years of being superheroics and the huge fanbase, Batgirl was sadly best identified for being a victim in the arguably most controversial tale arc when it deals with the ladies in comics. Batgirl is also a computer tech whiz, applying her skills to be an Oracle during the paralysis days, and quite a rebel in protecting the Gotham with her personal brand of justice, performing being the heart of the Family of Bats command center.


  1. Mera

MERAMera is considered one of the top total-wrap up badasses. She ruled with the seven seas that are beside the Aquaman, which provides her with lots of clout. Furthermore, aside from the ability to breathe underwater, she possesses the dominant ability in bending it according to her will. She was also trained to be an assassin and an undersea warrior. These trainings made her a bit hot-headed and too aggressive, that this makes her feel that she is like someone from the outside on the solid ground. Because of undying affection for Aquaman, and just deep down, her admiration for life as a whole, softened her otherwise husky manner and brings her to become a true hero. She initially appeared in Aquaman no. 1 in 1963 as the princess that finally became a valued Queen of Atlantis. Mera was a princess in the underwater empire of Xebel and sent to a task to kill Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, but instead, Mera fell in-love with Aquaman and choose to betray her own people.


  1. Supergirl

supergirlSupergirl is considered the most powerful teen on the planet. She is the Girl of Steel that has all of the similar superpowers with Superman, with an added rage that came from the growing pains which came from maturing on the planet that she does not understand. Like Superman, she has superhuman speed, heat vision, strength, heightened senses and freeze breath. Along with that power of flight, Supergirl packs a devastating and usually uncontrollable punch. This punch makes her even more unsafe to deal with than with Superman, and besides that, she is still in the process of learning everything with her supreme powers.


  1. Wonder woman

Wonder_WomanShe is ranked as number one, because without questions and any doubt, Wonder Woman is considered as the most powerful superheroine. She is 1/3 of Holy Trinity and equally stands following Superman and Batman. She is the primary female superhero and is usually seen as the initial feminist icon in DC Comics but was just recently confirmed to be a bisexual in the DC Rebirth. She became an inspiration, a role model for every woman and the beacon of hope, strength and courage for always.



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Who are the top 10 supporting characters of Superman?


Although Superman was known as the final Son of Krypton, there are a number of some other super powered heroes. They are either, partially Kryptonian, directly Kryptonian, or a non-Kryptonian, but having a connection with Superman and have appeared across the long life history of Superman. Here they are:

  1. Krypto, the Superdog

Krypto_the_SuperdogKrypto was a pet dog of the El family’s on the planet Krypton, and also goes to gain superpowers just like the Superman. Krypto was reintroduced in early 2000’s, he was a regular supporting character, even before in the Superman comics as a faithful companion for both Superboy (Kon-El) and Superman.



  1. Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl

sgurlShe is Superman’s cousin that came from the Argo City, the city that for some time had endured the damage of Krypton until the residents passed away due to kryptonite radiation. The parents transmit her to the Earth, and Superman guided her in developing herself to a superhero.




  1. Superboy

Superboy_Kon-El_009He is Superman’s first outfit identity, which was assumed about 8-year-old, and retained until he became Superman at 21-year-old. Superboy was a clone and initially thought to be Superman. Then, Superboy later discovered that he is in fact the hybrid of Kryptonian DNA and human. Initially, he believed that he was intentionally created to have that tactile telekinesis. In the Young Justice, he finds out that the human DNA came from Lex Luthor. Conner Kent, the brother/clone of Clark is Superboy’s secret identity. Jonathan Samuel Kent is the present Superboy, the son of Lois Lane and Superman.

  1. Steel

Steel-DCHe is the genius engineer known as John Henry Irons that created the mechanized, high-tech suit of armor in battling crime after the death of Superman. He still serves as another superhero today and Natasha Irons, his niece has been battling crime also as Steel.



  1. Eradicator

eradInitially, the strange Kryptonian machine improved by Superman, the murderer made a Fortress of Solitude to become a part of his attempt to launch a Kryptonian civilization over the Earth. Then, it gained more sentience, and became a hero with its own right.



  1. Power Girl

PowerGirlSShe is the version of Supergirl, Kara Zor-El from the Earth Two and also the Superman’s cousin.





  1. Mon-El, Lar Gand

Mon-el-splash-From Daxam, the planet that is identical to Krypton, Lar paused on Krypton that is just prior to the destruction. He finally gets it to the Earth and became friends with Clark Kent, the original Superboy that gave him the identity Mon-El and placed him in a Phantom Zone when he takes the fatal dose of the poison lead. Ever since then, he has assisted Superman to the best that he can which concerns matters with Zone. After thousands of years, Lar was cured and was freed by a Legion of Superheroes that also recruited him to become their member.

  1. Superwoman

SuperwomanThere had been several versions of the superhuman that have appeared, but often, she was Lois Lane that was temporarily granted with superpowers. Staryl of Luma Lynai takes the title. Before the predicament, Kristin Wells, the child of Jimmy Olsen that is from the future, supposed the personality of Superwoman. The present Superwoman is Lana Lang.

  1. Chris Kent

ChristopherKentIn 2006, he was introduced as the foster child of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, but the natural born son of the Kryptonian super-villains Ursa and General Zod. Chris had at least some of the powers of Superman. Chris is presently on Earth that is in the costumed identity of the Nightwing.



  1. Kal Kent

KalKentHe is the heir of Superman that rarely interrelates with the ancestors.




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Who are the top 10 heroes of the DC Comics?


DC Comics is an American oldest and biggest comic book company. The company produces numerous well-known heroes and popular teams and movies that take place in the imaginary DC Universe. The list below pertains to the character of the top 10 heroes of DC comics.

  1. Green Arrow

GreenHe begins his life being a myriad of Batman from his clones. He had the trick arrows, teenager sidekick, and even an Arrow Cave and Arrow Car. But the personality really came to his personality decades later, when he discarded the playboy billionaire habits and became more on a socialist campaigner for the people just like his inspiration, Mr. Robin Hood. He is among the grounded members in Justice League, but the deadly aim creates him a hard opponent indeed, and his fame was blown up during the last year of the television series Arrow.

  1. Aquaman

aquamanAquaman can be forever the butt of the pop culture jokes because of his portrayal with the cartoons of Super Friends and the different spin-offs. Aquaman is not only strong and able in battling as anybody, he can swim miles and miles under the ocean and he is the head of the huge underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Aquaman’s center appeal lay in the reality that his loyalty is constantly tested.

  1. Shazam

ShazamThe hero was once known as the Captain Marvel and was once more famous than Batman and Superman. Captain Marvel or Shazam was more of a brother and he can be identified with the idea of a boy who can transform into a Mightiest Mortal of the World by simply saying the word “Shazam!” Shazam has never regained that fame, but he stayed one of the most popular and an important portion in the DC Universe.

  1. Catwoman

CatwomanFor so many years, she had no Catwoman would have had no spot on the list of the greatest heroes of DC’s. But she gradually made her changeover from being antagonistic to a defender of the Gotham in the final decades. Selina Kyle can be the best thief ever, but she also battles fiercely for those that she cares about. She and Batman have developed their tenuous co-existence, and Selina defended her patch of the Gotham City, and occasionally butting their heads with her at times lover and sometimes enemy.

  1. The Flash

FlashWally West is the previous teen sidekick of Flash that became Flash himself right after the death of Barry Allen in Crisis on the Infinite earths. In the following 20 years, Wally was the defender of a twin city of the Central City and Keystone City. His family man status and his battle to live up to the reputation of Barry lent him the depth that his mentor never own.

  1. Nightwing

NightwingDick Grayson, like his mentor Batman, overcomes childhood tragedies and became the defender of the Gotham City residents. Dick also handles to escape the shades of the Bat. He finished from being a Robin, the first ever teen sidekick, to become Nightwing, the total-fledged hero with his personal right. Dick did not have the endless resources and the unbreakable will of being the Batman, but he kept fighting anyway.

  1. Green Lantern

lanternHal Jordan comes out a totally new mythology that features the intergalactic policeman force called as Green Lantern Corps. Jordan becomes the first ever human to wield the ring, and the adventures have taken him from to the other of the universe and the places beyond that.

  1. Wonder Woman

wonderShe is among the first ever female superhero who wields alongside the unbreakable gauntlets and the Amazonian strength. She was included in the founding member of Justice League. She is as fierce as the Bat guy and as strong as the Super guy. She was not that lucky with series and projects, but she had been a feminist image for decades. Every girl or boy will surely admire her compassion for humanity and strength.

  1. Batman

BatmanEver since 1939, the Bat-fans have been mesmerized by a saga of the man who clothed like a bat just to inspire fear in criminals. Batman is not like other superheroes that have superhuman abilities. He merely has the resources, the training, the most importantly, a willingness to pay a one-man battle with crime.

  1. Superman

supermanSuperman is considered the best and the purest distillation of almost everything we love with superheroes. He has the almost Biblical tragic origin of a baby that was sent hurtling to the earth from the doomed planet, and being adopted by human, grows up to be the world’s first ever defender of Justice, Truth, and an American Way. He is Superman because he cares about with everyone, regardless of their color, nationality or creed. He is a man that embraced his new home by showing us all the heroic ideal that we may be aspiring to have. He became the international icon that endures every reboot and you can agree with that, because what works 70 years ago is still working up to this day. Thanks to the Kryptonian physiology, he is a hero with unlimited strength.

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What are the top 10 Batman Movies of all time?

Batman is the fictional superhero character appearing in the American comic books. The fictional character was made by the writer Bill Finger and the artist Bob Kane, and it initially appeared in no. 27 Detective Comics. It is initially named as “Bat-Man”, and the character also referred by such nickname like, Caped Crusader, World’s Greatest Detective and the Dark Knight. Batman operated in a fictional Gotham City together with the assistance from different supporting characters.

Here are the top 10 Batman movies of all time for your preferences.

batman110. Batman Returns, 1992

The monstrous Penguin that stays in the sewers under Gotham joined with the wicked shock-headed entrepreneur Max Shreck to fall the Batman forever. But then, Shreck’s timid helper, Selina Kyle, discovers and Shreck attempts to slay her, she is changed to the very sexy Catwoman. She team-up with Shreck and the Penguin to smash-out Batman, but flash fly suddenly when she confronted the caped advocate.


batman29. Batman, 1989

Seeing his parents’ being brutal murder when he was a child, the millionaire patron Bruce Wayne battles crime in the Gotham City and masked as the Batman, the costumed hero that strikes fear into the minds of the villains. But when the deformed madman known as “The Joker” seizes to manage the Gotham’s illegal underworld, Batman should face the meanest nemesis ever, while defending both his love interest, the reporter Vicki Vale his and identity.



batman38. Batman Beyond – Return of the Joker, 2000

The movie was set in the connection of the series of animation of Batman Beyond, where Bruce Wayne has stopped from fighting crime, turning over the mantle of being the Batman to the highschool learner Terry McGinnis, and works as the sequel of both Batman: “The New-Batman Adventures” and “The Batman Animated Series.”



batman47. Batman – Mask of the Phantasm, 1993

In this dynamic feature that was set in the 1940s, the bothered yet heroic Batman was pitted towards the mysterious figure who was rubbing out the Gotham City’s most hazardous criminals, and where many thought was the caped supporter of him. The millionaire Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, was about to be wedded to the adorable Andrea Beaumont, who assisted him to recover from his wanting to avenge from the murder case of his parents.


batm56. Batman – The Dark Knight Returns, Part No. 1, 2012

After the passing away of the protégé Jason Todd, the billionaire patron Bruce Wayne was obliged to retire and stop from his being the Batman. After ten years, the Gotham City was overrun with terrorisms and crime by the gang called as the Mutants. Wayne, being in his 55-year-old age, maintained his friendship with James Gordon, a retiring Police Commissioner who is 70-year-old and knows that Wayne was Batman, and the Joker had been catatonic in the Arkham Asylum ever since the retirement of Wayne. Arkham former district attorney and inmate Harvey Dent undergo a plastic surgery to fix his disfigured face. Even though he was declared sensible, he rapidly went into hiding following the release. Dent fades news tales of the crime outbreak all over the city and through the memoirs of his parents’ deaths that drives Wayne to be a Batman again. He fights with serious crimes, saving a 13-year-old girl, Carrie Kelley, but now fights with the physical boundaries of her age.

batman55. Batman – Under the Red Hood, 2010

Batman faces the vigilante that aimed to clean the Gotham City but who does not follow with the moral code. There was a mystery afoot inside the Gotham City, and here, Batman should go in toe-to-toe with the mysterious vigilante that goes with the Codename, Red Hood. Afterwards, old wounds will open again and old, once buried memoirs came to light.



batman6.jpg4. Batman Begins, 2005

The young Bruce Wayne takes a journey to the Far East, where he was trained with martial arts by Sir Henri Ducard, the affiliate of the strange League of Shadows. Then Ducard revealed the League’s real purpose of completing the destruction of the Gotham City. Wayne returned to the Gotham City with the intent on cleaning the city with no murder. With the assistance from Alfred, his loyal butler, together with Lucius Fox, the tech expert at the Wayne Enterprises, a Batman is born.


batman73. Batman – The Dark Knight Returns, Part No. 2, 2013

Pretending remorse about the past, Joker convinced Wolper to have him after a talk show where he can tell his stories, and creates plans for the escape with the old henchman, the man that supply him with a mind controlling lipstick. In the mean time, Superman, who worked as the government operates in switch for being permitted to covertly assist people, was requested by Pres. Ronald Reagan to stop Batman’s vigilante doing. Framing with these happenings is a fast growing hostility in between the US and Soviet Union over the possession of the Island of the Corto Maltese. When Batman’s continued existence disgrace the national establishments, Yindel became the commissioner and then ordered Batman to be arrested, and Superman warned Batman that the administration may not tolerate him any longer.

batman82. The Dark Knight Rises, 2012

Eight years had passed by since Batman in collusion with the Commissioner Gordon, had vanished into the night. Presuming responsibilities for the passing away of Harvey Dent, then Batman gives up almost everything for what Gordon and he wished would be the best good for all. But, the coming of the cunning cat burglar and the merciless terrorist called as Bane obliged Batman to be out of exile and to a fight he may not seem to win.


batman91. The Dark Knight, 2008

With the assistance of cronies Lt. Jim Gordon together with Harvey Dent, and so Batman played by Christian Bale has ability to maintain the firm lid on the crime of the Gotham City. Then a wicked young offender called himself as the Joker played by Heath Ledger abruptly toss the city into chaos, the robe Crusader started to stride a good line in between vigilantism and heroism.



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What are the 10 best Superman movies of all time?


Many kids before, whom are all adults now, were seeing Christopher Reeve as the Superman hero in his Superman movies. Now, here are all those Superman movies that arrange from the best up to the not so good one. Enjoy watching!

supermanmole.jpg10. Superman & the Mole Men, 1951

This is a separate created black-to-white American superhero film by director Lee Sholem with the stars Phyllis Coates played as Lois Lane and George Reeves portrays as the Superman. The storyline is about the reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent, who arrived in the little city of Silsby to observe the world’s grave oil well drilling, however, out of curiosity, there was a bald, small humanoids who, climb up to the town surface at night which scares the folks and only Superman may intervene to stop the tragedy.

supermabat9. Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice, 2016

It has nearly been 2 years, ever since Superman’s played by Henry Cavill colossal fight with Zod played by Michael Shannon demolished the Metropolis City. The collateral damage and loss of lives left many helpless and feeling angry people, including the billionaire crime-battling Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck. Positive that Superman is today’s threat to the human race, Batman gets on a private vendetta to finish his reign over the Earth, but the conniving Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg initiates his personal crusade towards the Man of Steel.

superman steel8. Man of Steel, 2013

With the pending destruction of Krypton, the home planet, Russell Crowe as Jor-El and his wife look out to preserve the race by transmitting their baby to the Earth. The baby’s spacecraft landed on the farm of Martha by Diane Lane and Jonathan Kent by Kevin Costner, who name him as Clark and raised him as if their personal son. Although the extraordinary capabilities had led to the matured Clark by Henry Cavill dwelling on the limits of their society, he discovers that he must be a hero to rescue those that matters to him from the dire threat.

superman peace

7. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, 1987

Seeing the Soviet Union and the United States occupied in the nuclear arms race that might lead to the destruction of the Earth, Superman played by Christopher Reeve settles on taking some actions. He collected all of the nuclear warheads around the world and tossed them into space. In the mean time, Superman’s nemesis, Luthor, Lex played by Gene Hackman, has smashed out from prison with the latest scheme. He cloned Superman with the radioactive stuff to make a Nuclear Man played by Mark Pillow, a being that was as powerful and strong as the “Man of Steel.”

supermanreturns6. Superman Returns, 2006

While Lex Luthor, played by Kevin Spacey plots in destroying him again, Man of Steel played by Brandon Routh returned after the long absence to the much-changed humanity. Lois Lane played by Kate Bosworth was transferred on her life, and the community has learned to live on without him. Superman should look for a way to connect again with her and must look for his place in the world that no longer wanted him.

supermancyt5. Superman II – “The Richard Donner Cut”, 2006

Kryptonian villain General Zod played by Terence Stamp and the henchmen were freed by accident from the outer-space caging and threatened the Earth with damage, just like Superman played by Christopher Reeve settles to renounce the superpowers for the new affection, Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder. This alternative version of the movie is from footage shot, directed by Richard Donner just before being replaced in this project and it included some stuffs not viewed in the movie’s original 1980 release.

supermasmall4. Smallville, 2001–2011

The explanation of the Superman tale features the young Clark Kent that is coming to hold with his rising superpowers. In the final edition, Clark continued his affair with Lois and faced his fate as he conquers his final tests, forging the iconic personality by which he is identified for all time.

superma33. Superman III, 1983

The Computer programmer Richard Pryor as Gus Gorman was hired by a financial tycoon Robert Vaughn as Ross Webster to have control of the weather satellite and wipe out the crop of Colombia’s coffee. When Christopher Reeve Superman handles to thwart the proposed, Webster commanded Gorman to apply the satellite to find kryptonite, the Man of Steel’s human weakness. But the missing strange element in kryptonite swap by Gorman with a tar and it caused the unintended side outcome when offered to Superman.

superma12. Superman, 1978

Just before the demolition of the Krypton planet, the scientist Jor-El played by Marlon Brando transmits his infant Kal-El on the spaceship to Earth. Lifted by the kind farmers Jonathan played by Glenn Ford and also Martha Kent played by Phyllis Thaxter, the young Clark played by Christopher Reeve discovered the cause of his powers as superhuman and transferred to Metropolis to battle with the evil. Being a Superman, he fights the wicked Lex Luthor, played by Gene Hackman, while, being a novice reporter Clark, he tries to woo the co-employee Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder.

superman21. Superman II, 1980

Superman played by Christopher Reeve foiled the story of the terrorists by dashing their nuclear tool in the outer space, but a bomb alarms waves released by the Kryptonian villain Gen. Zod played by Terence Stamp and the henchmen Ursa played Sarah Douglas and also Non played by Jack O’Halloran from the jail. Taking a trip to the earth, they threatened the planet with some destruction at a similar time that Superman settles on renouncing his superpowers just to live the normal life being Clark Kent with the new affection, Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder.

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What are the 10 animals that appeared in Shrek Movies?

This is the lists of animal characters that emerged in every Shrek movies, and somehow they add bliss to make the Shrek franchise even more wanting to watch for by the viewers.

Here they are:


s donkey1. Donkey


Eddie Murphy voiced as Donkey and he is the little talking donkey. He is the annoying but a kindhearted best buddy of Shrek and the father of the Dronkeys.

s Puss_in_Boots

2. Puss in Boots

Antonio Banderas voiced as Puss in Boots and he is Shrek’s sidekick. It is from the fairy tale character of Puss in Boots and the type of parody of Zorro. He’s always wearing a strap with a sword, a cavalier’s hat, a pair of small Corinthian boots, a small black cape and he is the Spanish accent smooth-talking cat. He usually overpowers his opponent by diverting them with the cute kitten’s appearance. There were also common cat behaviors that he exhibits like chasing spotlights, coughing up hairballs and normally resulting in his capture or defeat.

s Dragon

3. Dragon

Frank Welker voiced as Dragon and he was described as the ruby-colored dragon that debuts as the fierce guard testing Donkey and Shrek in their mission to trace Princess Fiona. She is annoyed when Donkey disturbs her sleep accidentally. As Donkey tried to divert her, he made the awareness that Dragon successfully manages to fascinate his style past her. While she played the minor role in the movie, she came back towards the conclusion of the matrimonial ceremony of Shrek and Fiona, wherein Donkey acquires her as the real bride. They are featured as a couple in the incidents of the sequel and she was left at home because of her grouchy behavior due to unknown pregnancy and this news was what she gave as presents to Donkey, their newborn hybrid kids, the Dronkeys.

S the_wolf

4. The Big Bad Wolf

Aron Warner voiced as the Big Bad Wolf and was from the eponymous fairy tale personality, but varies from it by just being a kind spirit. He rarely talks and his voices are somewhat monotonous and dull. He is wearing a pink dress, remembering Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. In the primary movie, he is the fairy-tale being that was expelled to Shrek’s swamp.

s 3 pigs

5. Three Little Pigs

Cody Cameron voiced as the Three Little Pigs and they were buddies of Shrek and the rest of the crowd. One of the pigs told that Lord Farquaad puffed, huffed and indicates an eviction notice. Everyone else had German accents and they all appeared in all of the Shrek movies.

S 3 mice

6. Three Blind Mice

Simon Smith and Christopher Knights voiced as the Three Blind Mice. They are the trio of the same blind mice brothers in an English accent, and are buddies of Shrek and the rest. They sport black sunglasses while carrying canes because Forder, Horder and Gorder were all blind. Not the same with fairy tale, the tails were not taken away and they illustrate no signs of wounds.

s Dronkeys

7. Dronkeys

Dronkeys were the hybrid children of a Donkey and Dragon. They initially appeared in Shrek 2 and the viewers missed Dragon in the movie, as was exposed to the moviemakers during the test screenings. Dragon reunited with a Donkey in the Far Far Away land just to show her present for him in tow, the six little hybrids donkey-dragon kids, who bring to their father right away. The donkey is charmed, and named the dronkeys as their tiny mutant babies. The names given were Bananas, Coco, Debbie, Eclair, Peanut, and Parfait. They initially appear just to give Shrek the wake-up call, and then to bid goodbye to the Donkey just before his trip with Shrek.

s softpaws

8. Kitty Softpaws

Salma Hayek voiced as Kitty Softpaws and she was a deuteragonist in the Puss in Boots. She is the Puss’ love interest and his female counterpart. Like Puss, she speaks with a Spanish accent. During the final time in Shrek 2 they were singing Livin’ La Vida Loca, and it was thought that the black cat being seen in solo was Kitty Softpaws, although not yet confirmed.

s fifi

9. Fifi

Fifi is Rumpelstiltskin’s huge pet goose. She is the bodyguard and cart puller and harassed Shrek and Donkey. During the final moments of the film, Fiona sang a high note and this makes Fifi to blow up next to the bluebird, the homage to the scene from the initial film.

s goose

10. Golden Goose

In Puss in Boots, the Golden Goose seemed to be a huge gosling and being labeled as a golden goose and although she is too young, she has already laid golden solid eggs and is decided to soar as she wave her wings.

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What are the top 10 adjusted grossing movies of Angelina Jolie?

If you are someone that are also curious about what are the best Angelina Jolie films that rank at the box office and which one take home most of the awards and nominations, then you are one with us. Below are the top movies of Jolie that rank best based on the adjusted inflation.



  1. Salt, 2010 – $132,300,400

This film is an action thriller movie where Jolie played was Evelyn Salt that was indicted of being a sleeper agent of Russian and go off the run to attempt on clearing her name. Salt grossed $132 million at the box office worldwide and gained positive reviews generally, with admirations for the action sceneries and with Jolie’s performance, but still there are drawing criticism about the writing, and reviewers find the plot convoluted and implausible.



  1. Kung Fu Panda 3 – $148,649,700

This is a 3D computer-animated comedy-action martial arts movie and the third episode of Kung Fu Panda. Here, Po entered into the panda community and has been re-united with his real father and the rest of the other pandas, but there are troubles that arise when a wicked spirit warrior known as Kai, returned to the mortal kingdom and sneak chi from the masters of kung fu. To stop Kai from getting chi from all the kung fu masters and the other pandas, Po creates the panda army to fight Kai’s jade gofer and Po should become the master of chi and will beat him and rescue his friends. The movie received positive reviews worldwide against the $145 million dollar budget.


  1. Wanted, 2008- $166,543,300

The film is an American-German thriller-action movie from the comic book mini-series with identical title. The storyline followed McAvoy played as Wesley Gibson, a bothered account manager that discovered that he was the son of the expert murderer and settles on joining with the Fraternity, a secret association where his father worked. Wanted gained both the commercial and critical success with its box office earnings worldwide and the reviews praising its’ stylized action and fast pacing scenes.


  1. Gone in 60 Seconds, 2000 – $167,654,100

This is an American action heist movie that was shot throughout Long Beach, California and Los Angeles. In year 1995, Denice Halicki entered into a license agreement to create the remake with Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney. The movie trailer was one of the first main movies to use a feminine trailer voice. During the opening weekend, the movie grossed $25,336,048 from about 3,006 US cinemas, leading all movies that weekend.



  1. Kung Fu Panda 2, 2011 – $182,433,700

The movie is a 3D American comedy-drama, computer-animated martial arts movie with Jackie Chan reprising his character part coming from the original movie. In the movie, the Furious Five and Po fights a devil peacock known as Lord Shen that has a mighty weapon that he prepare to overcome China with. But Po finds out a horrifying secret regarding his past and that Shen has something to deal with it. The film had a $150 million budget and it was considered as the top-grossing animated movie of the year.


  1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, 2001 – $206,021,900

This is an action-adventure movie from the famous Tomb Raider video play game series by director Simon West and it rotates with Lara Croft in attempting to get prehistoric artifacts coming from the enemy. The movie received generally negative reviews coming from their critics because of its bland plot and stylized action, but Jolie was admired for her performance here. Tomb Raider was considered the top grossing movie during its opening week. Tomb Raider was a real box office success with its debut grossed about $48.2 million and initially ranked at number one.


  1. Shark Tale, 2004 – $230,264,100

The movie is an American comedy-drama and computer-animated movie under the production of DreamWorks Animation with director Vicky Jenson, Rob Letterman and Bibo Bergeron. The story of a fish called Oscar played by Smith, who mistakenly claimed to have murdered the son of the shark mob boss to proceeds his personal community standing. The movie opening at number 1with the grossed about $47.6 million, and this was the second-top rank during its opening week for the DreamWorks Animation movie.


  1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith, 2005 – $258,428,900

This is an American action comedy movie that leads with the married couple Pitt and Jolie. They are the fed-up upper-middle class pair that was surprised to discover that they were assassins that belongs to the competing groups, and that they were assigned to murder each other. This is the movie where the relationship of Jolie and Pitt established. This movie ranked at the top during its opening weekend, which accumulates $50,342,878.



  1. Maleficent, 2014 – $259,180,400

This American dark fantasy movie is loosely from Charles Perrault’s first ever fairy tale that was inspired by the 1959 Walt Disney’s animated movie, the Sleeping Beauty. The movie portrayed the tales from the viewpoint of the eponymous adversary, depicting her tenuous connection with the king and the princess of the corrupt kingdom. The movie was met with mix-up reviews from the critics, but was a total commercial success which grossed over millions from around the world, and became the fourth-top-grossing movie in 2014.


  1. Kung Fu Panda, 2008 – $266,742,800

This is an American computer-animated comedy-action martial arts movie by DreamWorks Animation production. Set in the version of primeval China populated by the anthropomorphic speaking animals, the story evolved towards a bumbling panda, known as Po who desires to be the kung fu master. When the devil kung fu fighter was foretold to run away after 20 years in jail, Po is innocently called as the chosen one meant to fight him and bring back the peace to their land. The Kung Fu Panda movie opened in 4,114 theaters and grossed about $20.3 million during its opening day.

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