What are the 10 upcoming movies this March, 2016?

Movie fanatics are always on the go to know the recent movies that is coming so soon.  Our lists are some of the sources you may consider, to discover the latest movies long before they will be seen in theaters worldwide. Read them below as these may be helpful for your cravings of innovative and high class films that is scheduled to be release this coming March of 2016.


10 Cloverfield Lane

The movie is about a person who awakens from a car misfortune or accident. The young woman here recovers herself together with a man in a certain basement. The man says that he saved her from a chemical harm that has missed the outside tumbledown.

Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice

Batman and Superman are at war with each another. There are new threats that rapidly arise, and placing mankind in huge danger than it’s ever happened before. Their actions are fearful and the god-like superhero gone unchecked. The Gotham City’s own alarming forceful vigilante, takes over the Metropolis’s most revered, and the world grappled with heroes they need.

Get a Job

This multi-generational comic film is about four current college students who find that their lofty beliefs and the actualities of adulthood are two diverse things. Each of the characters will find careers and having some interesting results.

Knight of Cups March

The movie is about a man who is exploring some truth and searching for love

London Has Fallen

This is a non-stop suspenseful thriller action film that distributes high-octane enthusiasm through a heightened sense of validity. It is also the continuation to the global smash hit of the movie, “Olympus Has Fallen”. The story is about the British Prime Minister who passed away and his funeral became the target of an organization terrorist to devastate some of the most powerful leaders in the world.


The Brothers Grimsby

The film is about a foolish English, but sweet football hooligan, who reunites with his long-gone sibling, his brother Sebastian. He is a deadly MI6 agent that is preventing a huge global dreadful attack and proving that behind each great spy is an awkward sibling. Nobby here is the a man who has everything he could want from the Grimsby, including the most stunning girlfriend in town.

The Bronze

The movie is about a former Olympics gymnast who discovers her status being a small town celebrity dare, but a gifted up-and-comer is likely to pressure and steal her spotlight.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Right after the earth-crushing revelations in the Part 1, Shailene Woodley as Tris needed to escape with Theo James as Four beyond the fence that surrounds Chicago, to at last finds out the shocking reality of what remains behind it.

The Lobster

The story in the movie is about love, without being the usual love tales. It follows the ways and aims some people come mutually to shape up couples, while some others don’t. It is a tale regarding the horrifying effects of solitude, the dread of living and dying alone and the terror of living with someone else. Obliging oneself to adore someone is really a suffering. Attempting to locate someone we really love is a diverse kind of suffering. The movie tries to find some synonyms for love with fear, deadlines, norms, matching, lies and prosperity.


The present mammal Zootopia metropolis is a town like no other town. Contains habitat neighborhoods such as frigid Tundratown and ritzy Sahara Square, it’s a dissolving pot where the bionetwork from every surrounding lives together. Until, the optimistic Judy Hopps came, the Officer who discovers that being the primary bunny on the police force of tough, huge, animals is not that easy.


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