Top 10 Comedy Movies of 2015

Funny movies makes us relax and tickle our funny bones. Relieving us from our problems and stress for awhile. 2015 produced great movies to watch and enjoy, here are some of the funniest movies the year have for us.

10. Ted 2

With the successful launch of the first movie, the movie has launch its second installment that grosses over $216,500,183 worldwide. The cute but not so child friendly attitude fight for its right to be alive.

ted clips.gif

9. Get Hard

A millionaire frame for being a fraud and only have 30 days before being send to prison ask for help to a black guy who he think is a ex convict. The movie grosses $106,511,453 all over the world.

get hard clips.gif

8. Daddy’s Home

The movie grosses over $238,757,137 all over the world. The battle for one family begins, who will win? The step dad or the returning dad?

daddy clips.gif

7. Trainwreck

The movie is about a hard drinking writer that lives in her fathers motto that monogamy isn’t realistic until she find someone who is not giving up so easily for love. The movie grosses over $140,561,831 all over the world.

train clips.gif

6. Spy

The movie grosses $233,125,712 worldwide. The movie is about a office bound CIA analyst who volunteer to go on the field to solve the murder of his partner.


5. The Peanuts Movie

Our movie beloved Snoopy with the gang in their first movie debut “The Peanuts Movie“. The movie grosses $244,778,411 all over the world in their quest of stopping “The Red Baron”.

peanut clip.gif

4. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

The quest for the retrieval of the secret Krabby Patty recipe is on the way. The team embark on the journey ashore to get the recipe back. The movie grosses over $311,594,032 all over the world.

sponge clip.gif

3. Hotel Transylvania 2

The movie grosses $470,909,901 worldwide and it is the second installment of the movie “Hotel Transylvania”. Dracula has a grandson and it’s his first birthday. How would Dracula handle his own father?

hotel clip.gif

2. Pitch Perfect 2

The second installment of the movie “Pitch Perfect” and have gross over $286,995,378 all over the world. After a huge mess up how will the team survive and how they will handle the newest member in the group.

pp2 clip.gif

1. Minions

The movie grosses $1,163,624,481 all over the world. The movie is the prequel of the movie “Despicable Me” movie franchise. The yellow single celled organisms guys look for the perfect villain to serve.





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