Top 10 Movies of 2006 (Worldwide Gross)

Every year we choose the best of the best movies to post. We decide on how the movie gross all over the world. Here are the most watched movies in the big screen:

10. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Having a worldwide gross of $162,870,525 the movie is one in the top 10. A professional NASCAR driver exceed his limitation that causes him to have and accident. Slowly recovering from a trauma he push himself to be in the race again.


9. Casino Royale

Grossing over $594,420,283 worldwide another successful James Bond movie. Daniel Craig as James Bond stops another villain on financing a terrorist group by taking all the money on a card game.


8. Over the Hedge (2006)

Having a worldwide gross of $343,397,247 all over this movie became one of the successful animated movies of 2006. Group of animals try to gather food from a newly build housing development while avoiding being caught.


7. Happy Feet (2006)

Grossing ever $385,000,317 worldwide this movie sing itself in the top 10 movies of 2006. The movie is about an Emperor penguin who cannot sing and the only way to find a mate is through singing.


6. Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

The second sequel to the “Ice Age” film and grosses over $651,899,282 worldwide. The comical and unlikely herd return to save the animals from an upcoming flood and finding her love of his life.


5. Superman Returns (2006)

The movie grosses $374,085,065 all over the world and homage sequel to the past Superman movies. The movie is about Superman returning from Earth after travelling through space to visit what remains of his planet Krypton.


4. The Da Vinci Code (2006)

The movie grosses over $767,820,459 worldwide. The movie was adapted from a novel of the same name by Dan Brown starring Tom Hanks. Solving the mystery of the “Holy Grail” and preserving Christianity.


3. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Grossing $459,359,555 worldwide and the third installment to the X-Men film series. The government want to cure the mutant genes but the revolving mutant lead by Magneto wants to destroy the so called cure.


2. Cars (2006)

The movie grosses over $461,651,246 all over the world. In a world of  anthropomorphic vehicles a rookie Car racer dream big of being the first rookie champion and became the new face of the famous Dinoco sponsorship.


1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

The movie grosses over $1,066,215,812 all over world. The movie is the second installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Captain Jack Sparrow return his second movie to pay his debts to Davy Jones.




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