What are the 10 animals that appeared in Shrek Movies?

This is the lists of animal characters that emerged in every Shrek movies, and somehow they add bliss to make the Shrek franchise even more wanting to watch for by the viewers.

Here they are:


s donkey1. Donkey


Eddie Murphy voiced as Donkey and he is the little talking donkey. He is the annoying but a kindhearted best buddy of Shrek and the father of the Dronkeys.

s Puss_in_Boots

2. Puss in Boots

Antonio Banderas voiced as Puss in Boots and he is Shrek’s sidekick. It is from the fairy tale character of Puss in Boots and the type of parody of Zorro. He’s always wearing a strap with a sword, a cavalier’s hat, a pair of small Corinthian boots, a small black cape and he is the Spanish accent smooth-talking cat. He usually overpowers his opponent by diverting them with the cute kitten’s appearance. There were also common cat behaviors that he exhibits like chasing spotlights, coughing up hairballs and normally resulting in his capture or defeat.

s Dragon

3. Dragon

Frank Welker voiced as Dragon and he was described as the ruby-colored dragon that debuts as the fierce guard testing Donkey and Shrek in their mission to trace Princess Fiona. She is annoyed when Donkey disturbs her sleep accidentally. As Donkey tried to divert her, he made the awareness that Dragon successfully manages to fascinate his style past her. While she played the minor role in the movie, she came back towards the conclusion of the matrimonial ceremony of Shrek and Fiona, wherein Donkey acquires her as the real bride. They are featured as a couple in the incidents of the sequel and she was left at home because of her grouchy behavior due to unknown pregnancy and this news was what she gave as presents to Donkey, their newborn hybrid kids, the Dronkeys.

S the_wolf

4. The Big Bad Wolf

Aron Warner voiced as the Big Bad Wolf and was from the eponymous fairy tale personality, but varies from it by just being a kind spirit. He rarely talks and his voices are somewhat monotonous and dull. He is wearing a pink dress, remembering Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. In the primary movie, he is the fairy-tale being that was expelled to Shrek’s swamp.

s 3 pigs

5. Three Little Pigs

Cody Cameron voiced as the Three Little Pigs and they were buddies of Shrek and the rest of the crowd. One of the pigs told that Lord Farquaad puffed, huffed and indicates an eviction notice. Everyone else had German accents and they all appeared in all of the Shrek movies.

S 3 mice

6. Three Blind Mice

Simon Smith and Christopher Knights voiced as the Three Blind Mice. They are the trio of the same blind mice brothers in an English accent, and are buddies of Shrek and the rest. They sport black sunglasses while carrying canes because Forder, Horder and Gorder were all blind. Not the same with fairy tale, the tails were not taken away and they illustrate no signs of wounds.

s Dronkeys

7. Dronkeys

Dronkeys were the hybrid children of a Donkey and Dragon. They initially appeared in Shrek 2 and the viewers missed Dragon in the movie, as was exposed to the moviemakers during the test screenings. Dragon reunited with a Donkey in the Far Far Away land just to show her present for him in tow, the six little hybrids donkey-dragon kids, who bring to their father right away. The donkey is charmed, and named the dronkeys as their tiny mutant babies. The names given were Bananas, Coco, Debbie, Eclair, Peanut, and Parfait. They initially appear just to give Shrek the wake-up call, and then to bid goodbye to the Donkey just before his trip with Shrek.

s softpaws

8. Kitty Softpaws

Salma Hayek voiced as Kitty Softpaws and she was a deuteragonist in the Puss in Boots. She is the Puss’ love interest and his female counterpart. Like Puss, she speaks with a Spanish accent. During the final time in Shrek 2 they were singing Livin’ La Vida Loca, and it was thought that the black cat being seen in solo was Kitty Softpaws, although not yet confirmed.

s fifi

9. Fifi

Fifi is Rumpelstiltskin’s huge pet goose. She is the bodyguard and cart puller and harassed Shrek and Donkey. During the final moments of the film, Fiona sang a high note and this makes Fifi to blow up next to the bluebird, the homage to the scene from the initial film.

s goose

10. Golden Goose

In Puss in Boots, the Golden Goose seemed to be a huge gosling and being labeled as a golden goose and although she is too young, she has already laid golden solid eggs and is decided to soar as she wave her wings.

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