What are the 10 best Superman movies of all time?


Many kids before, whom are all adults now, were seeing Christopher Reeve as the Superman hero in his Superman movies. Now, here are all those Superman movies that arrange from the best up to the not so good one. Enjoy watching!

supermanmole.jpg10. Superman & the Mole Men, 1951

This is a separate created black-to-white American superhero film by director Lee Sholem with the stars Phyllis Coates played as Lois Lane and George Reeves portrays as the Superman. The storyline is about the reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent, who arrived in the little city of Silsby to observe the world’s grave oil well drilling, however, out of curiosity, there was a bald, small humanoids who, climb up to the town surface at night which scares the folks and only Superman may intervene to stop the tragedy.

supermabat9. Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice, 2016

It has nearly been 2 years, ever since Superman’s played by Henry Cavill colossal fight with Zod played by Michael Shannon demolished the Metropolis City. The collateral damage and loss of lives left many helpless and feeling angry people, including the billionaire crime-battling Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck. Positive that Superman is today’s threat to the human race, Batman gets on a private vendetta to finish his reign over the Earth, but the conniving Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg initiates his personal crusade towards the Man of Steel.

superman steel8. Man of Steel, 2013

With the pending destruction of Krypton, the home planet, Russell Crowe as Jor-El and his wife look out to preserve the race by transmitting their baby to the Earth. The baby’s spacecraft landed on the farm of Martha by Diane Lane and Jonathan Kent by Kevin Costner, who name him as Clark and raised him as if their personal son. Although the extraordinary capabilities had led to the matured Clark by Henry Cavill dwelling on the limits of their society, he discovers that he must be a hero to rescue those that matters to him from the dire threat.

superman peace

7. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, 1987

Seeing the Soviet Union and the United States occupied in the nuclear arms race that might lead to the destruction of the Earth, Superman played by Christopher Reeve settles on taking some actions. He collected all of the nuclear warheads around the world and tossed them into space. In the mean time, Superman’s nemesis, Luthor, Lex played by Gene Hackman, has smashed out from prison with the latest scheme. He cloned Superman with the radioactive stuff to make a Nuclear Man played by Mark Pillow, a being that was as powerful and strong as the “Man of Steel.”

supermanreturns6. Superman Returns, 2006

While Lex Luthor, played by Kevin Spacey plots in destroying him again, Man of Steel played by Brandon Routh returned after the long absence to the much-changed humanity. Lois Lane played by Kate Bosworth was transferred on her life, and the community has learned to live on without him. Superman should look for a way to connect again with her and must look for his place in the world that no longer wanted him.

supermancyt5. Superman II – “The Richard Donner Cut”, 2006

Kryptonian villain General Zod played by Terence Stamp and the henchmen were freed by accident from the outer-space caging and threatened the Earth with damage, just like Superman played by Christopher Reeve settles to renounce the superpowers for the new affection, Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder. This alternative version of the movie is from footage shot, directed by Richard Donner just before being replaced in this project and it included some stuffs not viewed in the movie’s original 1980 release.

supermasmall4. Smallville, 2001–2011

The explanation of the Superman tale features the young Clark Kent that is coming to hold with his rising superpowers. In the final edition, Clark continued his affair with Lois and faced his fate as he conquers his final tests, forging the iconic personality by which he is identified for all time.

superma33. Superman III, 1983

The Computer programmer Richard Pryor as Gus Gorman was hired by a financial tycoon Robert Vaughn as Ross Webster to have control of the weather satellite and wipe out the crop of Colombia’s coffee. When Christopher Reeve Superman handles to thwart the proposed, Webster commanded Gorman to apply the satellite to find kryptonite, the Man of Steel’s human weakness. But the missing strange element in kryptonite swap by Gorman with a tar and it caused the unintended side outcome when offered to Superman.

superma12. Superman, 1978

Just before the demolition of the Krypton planet, the scientist Jor-El played by Marlon Brando transmits his infant Kal-El on the spaceship to Earth. Lifted by the kind farmers Jonathan played by Glenn Ford and also Martha Kent played by Phyllis Thaxter, the young Clark played by Christopher Reeve discovered the cause of his powers as superhuman and transferred to Metropolis to battle with the evil. Being a Superman, he fights the wicked Lex Luthor, played by Gene Hackman, while, being a novice reporter Clark, he tries to woo the co-employee Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder.

superman21. Superman II, 1980

Superman played by Christopher Reeve foiled the story of the terrorists by dashing their nuclear tool in the outer space, but a bomb alarms waves released by the Kryptonian villain Gen. Zod played by Terence Stamp and the henchmen Ursa played Sarah Douglas and also Non played by Jack O’Halloran from the jail. Taking a trip to the earth, they threatened the planet with some destruction at a similar time that Superman settles on renouncing his superpowers just to live the normal life being Clark Kent with the new affection, Lois Lane played by Margot Kidder.

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