What are the top 10 Batman Movies of all time?

Batman is the fictional superhero character appearing in the American comic books. The fictional character was made by the writer Bill Finger and the artist Bob Kane, and it initially appeared in no. 27 Detective Comics. It is initially named as “Bat-Man”, and the character also referred by such nickname like, Caped Crusader, World’s Greatest Detective and the Dark Knight. Batman operated in a fictional Gotham City together with the assistance from different supporting characters.

Here are the top 10 Batman movies of all time for your preferences.

batman110. Batman Returns, 1992

The monstrous Penguin that stays in the sewers under Gotham joined with the wicked shock-headed entrepreneur Max Shreck to fall the Batman forever. But then, Shreck’s timid helper, Selina Kyle, discovers and Shreck attempts to slay her, she is changed to the very sexy Catwoman. She team-up with Shreck and the Penguin to smash-out Batman, but flash fly suddenly when she confronted the caped advocate.


batman29. Batman, 1989

Seeing his parents’ being brutal murder when he was a child, the millionaire patron Bruce Wayne battles crime in the Gotham City and masked as the Batman, the costumed hero that strikes fear into the minds of the villains. But when the deformed madman known as “The Joker” seizes to manage the Gotham’s illegal underworld, Batman should face the meanest nemesis ever, while defending both his love interest, the reporter Vicki Vale his and identity.



batman38. Batman Beyond – Return of the Joker, 2000

The movie was set in the connection of the series of animation of Batman Beyond, where Bruce Wayne has stopped from fighting crime, turning over the mantle of being the Batman to the highschool learner Terry McGinnis, and works as the sequel of both Batman: “The New-Batman Adventures” and “The Batman Animated Series.”



batman47. Batman – Mask of the Phantasm, 1993

In this dynamic feature that was set in the 1940s, the bothered yet heroic Batman was pitted towards the mysterious figure who was rubbing out the Gotham City’s most hazardous criminals, and where many thought was the caped supporter of him. The millionaire Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, was about to be wedded to the adorable Andrea Beaumont, who assisted him to recover from his wanting to avenge from the murder case of his parents.


batm56. Batman – The Dark Knight Returns, Part No. 1, 2012

After the passing away of the protégé Jason Todd, the billionaire patron Bruce Wayne was obliged to retire and stop from his being the Batman. After ten years, the Gotham City was overrun with terrorisms and crime by the gang called as the Mutants. Wayne, being in his 55-year-old age, maintained his friendship with James Gordon, a retiring Police Commissioner who is 70-year-old and knows that Wayne was Batman, and the Joker had been catatonic in the Arkham Asylum ever since the retirement of Wayne. Arkham former district attorney and inmate Harvey Dent undergo a plastic surgery to fix his disfigured face. Even though he was declared sensible, he rapidly went into hiding following the release. Dent fades news tales of the crime outbreak all over the city and through the memoirs of his parents’ deaths that drives Wayne to be a Batman again. He fights with serious crimes, saving a 13-year-old girl, Carrie Kelley, but now fights with the physical boundaries of her age.

batman55. Batman – Under the Red Hood, 2010

Batman faces the vigilante that aimed to clean the Gotham City but who does not follow with the moral code. There was a mystery afoot inside the Gotham City, and here, Batman should go in toe-to-toe with the mysterious vigilante that goes with the Codename, Red Hood. Afterwards, old wounds will open again and old, once buried memoirs came to light.



batman6.jpg4. Batman Begins, 2005

The young Bruce Wayne takes a journey to the Far East, where he was trained with martial arts by Sir Henri Ducard, the affiliate of the strange League of Shadows. Then Ducard revealed the League’s real purpose of completing the destruction of the Gotham City. Wayne returned to the Gotham City with the intent on cleaning the city with no murder. With the assistance from Alfred, his loyal butler, together with Lucius Fox, the tech expert at the Wayne Enterprises, a Batman is born.


batman73. Batman – The Dark Knight Returns, Part No. 2, 2013

Pretending remorse about the past, Joker convinced Wolper to have him after a talk show where he can tell his stories, and creates plans for the escape with the old henchman, the man that supply him with a mind controlling lipstick. In the mean time, Superman, who worked as the government operates in switch for being permitted to covertly assist people, was requested by Pres. Ronald Reagan to stop Batman’s vigilante doing. Framing with these happenings is a fast growing hostility in between the US and Soviet Union over the possession of the Island of the Corto Maltese. When Batman’s continued existence disgrace the national establishments, Yindel became the commissioner and then ordered Batman to be arrested, and Superman warned Batman that the administration may not tolerate him any longer.

batman82. The Dark Knight Rises, 2012

Eight years had passed by since Batman in collusion with the Commissioner Gordon, had vanished into the night. Presuming responsibilities for the passing away of Harvey Dent, then Batman gives up almost everything for what Gordon and he wished would be the best good for all. But, the coming of the cunning cat burglar and the merciless terrorist called as Bane obliged Batman to be out of exile and to a fight he may not seem to win.


batman91. The Dark Knight, 2008

With the assistance of cronies Lt. Jim Gordon together with Harvey Dent, and so Batman played by Christian Bale has ability to maintain the firm lid on the crime of the Gotham City. Then a wicked young offender called himself as the Joker played by Heath Ledger abruptly toss the city into chaos, the robe Crusader started to stride a good line in between vigilantism and heroism.



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