Who are the top 10 heroes of the DC Comics?


DC Comics is an American oldest and biggest comic book company. The company produces numerous well-known heroes and popular teams and movies that take place in the imaginary DC Universe. The list below pertains to the character of the top 10 heroes of DC comics.

  1. Green Arrow

GreenHe begins his life being a myriad of Batman from his clones. He had the trick arrows, teenager sidekick, and even an Arrow Cave and Arrow Car. But the personality really came to his personality decades later, when he discarded the playboy billionaire habits and became more on a socialist campaigner for the people just like his inspiration, Mr. Robin Hood. He is among the grounded members in Justice League, but the deadly aim creates him a hard opponent indeed, and his fame was blown up during the last year of the television series Arrow.

  1. Aquaman

aquamanAquaman can be forever the butt of the pop culture jokes because of his portrayal with the cartoons of Super Friends and the different spin-offs. Aquaman is not only strong and able in battling as anybody, he can swim miles and miles under the ocean and he is the head of the huge underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Aquaman’s center appeal lay in the reality that his loyalty is constantly tested.

  1. Shazam

ShazamThe hero was once known as the Captain Marvel and was once more famous than Batman and Superman. Captain Marvel or Shazam was more of a brother and he can be identified with the idea of a boy who can transform into a Mightiest Mortal of the World by simply saying the word “Shazam!” Shazam has never regained that fame, but he stayed one of the most popular and an important portion in the DC Universe.

  1. Catwoman

CatwomanFor so many years, she had no Catwoman would have had no spot on the list of the greatest heroes of DC’s. But she gradually made her changeover from being antagonistic to a defender of the Gotham in the final decades. Selina Kyle can be the best thief ever, but she also battles fiercely for those that she cares about. She and Batman have developed their tenuous co-existence, and Selina defended her patch of the Gotham City, and occasionally butting their heads with her at times lover and sometimes enemy.

  1. The Flash

FlashWally West is the previous teen sidekick of Flash that became Flash himself right after the death of Barry Allen in Crisis on the Infinite earths. In the following 20 years, Wally was the defender of a twin city of the Central City and Keystone City. His family man status and his battle to live up to the reputation of Barry lent him the depth that his mentor never own.

  1. Nightwing

NightwingDick Grayson, like his mentor Batman, overcomes childhood tragedies and became the defender of the Gotham City residents. Dick also handles to escape the shades of the Bat. He finished from being a Robin, the first ever teen sidekick, to become Nightwing, the total-fledged hero with his personal right. Dick did not have the endless resources and the unbreakable will of being the Batman, but he kept fighting anyway.

  1. Green Lantern

lanternHal Jordan comes out a totally new mythology that features the intergalactic policeman force called as Green Lantern Corps. Jordan becomes the first ever human to wield the ring, and the adventures have taken him from to the other of the universe and the places beyond that.

  1. Wonder Woman

wonderShe is among the first ever female superhero who wields alongside the unbreakable gauntlets and the Amazonian strength. She was included in the founding member of Justice League. She is as fierce as the Bat guy and as strong as the Super guy. She was not that lucky with series and projects, but she had been a feminist image for decades. Every girl or boy will surely admire her compassion for humanity and strength.

  1. Batman

BatmanEver since 1939, the Bat-fans have been mesmerized by a saga of the man who clothed like a bat just to inspire fear in criminals. Batman is not like other superheroes that have superhuman abilities. He merely has the resources, the training, the most importantly, a willingness to pay a one-man battle with crime.

  1. Superman

supermanSuperman is considered the best and the purest distillation of almost everything we love with superheroes. He has the almost Biblical tragic origin of a baby that was sent hurtling to the earth from the doomed planet, and being adopted by human, grows up to be the world’s first ever defender of Justice, Truth, and an American Way. He is Superman because he cares about with everyone, regardless of their color, nationality or creed. He is a man that embraced his new home by showing us all the heroic ideal that we may be aspiring to have. He became the international icon that endures every reboot and you can agree with that, because what works 70 years ago is still working up to this day. Thanks to the Kryptonian physiology, he is a hero with unlimited strength.

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