Who are the top 10 supporting characters of Superman?


Although Superman was known as the final Son of Krypton, there are a number of some other super powered heroes. They are either, partially Kryptonian, directly Kryptonian, or a non-Kryptonian, but having a connection with Superman and have appeared across the long life history of Superman. Here they are:

  1. Krypto, the Superdog

Krypto_the_SuperdogKrypto was a pet dog of the El family’s on the planet Krypton, and also goes to gain superpowers just like the Superman. Krypto was reintroduced in early 2000’s, he was a regular supporting character, even before in the Superman comics as a faithful companion for both Superboy (Kon-El) and Superman.



  1. Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl

sgurlShe is Superman’s cousin that came from the Argo City, the city that for some time had endured the damage of Krypton until the residents passed away due to kryptonite radiation. The parents transmit her to the Earth, and Superman guided her in developing herself to a superhero.




  1. Superboy

Superboy_Kon-El_009He is Superman’s first outfit identity, which was assumed about 8-year-old, and retained until he became Superman at 21-year-old. Superboy was a clone and initially thought to be Superman. Then, Superboy later discovered that he is in fact the hybrid of Kryptonian DNA and human. Initially, he believed that he was intentionally created to have that tactile telekinesis. In the Young Justice, he finds out that the human DNA came from Lex Luthor. Conner Kent, the brother/clone of Clark is Superboy’s secret identity. Jonathan Samuel Kent is the present Superboy, the son of Lois Lane and Superman.

  1. Steel

Steel-DCHe is the genius engineer known as John Henry Irons that created the mechanized, high-tech suit of armor in battling crime after the death of Superman. He still serves as another superhero today and Natasha Irons, his niece has been battling crime also as Steel.



  1. Eradicator

eradInitially, the strange Kryptonian machine improved by Superman, the murderer made a Fortress of Solitude to become a part of his attempt to launch a Kryptonian civilization over the Earth. Then, it gained more sentience, and became a hero with its own right.



  1. Power Girl

PowerGirlSShe is the version of Supergirl, Kara Zor-El from the Earth Two and also the Superman’s cousin.





  1. Mon-El, Lar Gand

Mon-el-splash-From Daxam, the planet that is identical to Krypton, Lar paused on Krypton that is just prior to the destruction. He finally gets it to the Earth and became friends with Clark Kent, the original Superboy that gave him the identity Mon-El and placed him in a Phantom Zone when he takes the fatal dose of the poison lead. Ever since then, he has assisted Superman to the best that he can which concerns matters with Zone. After thousands of years, Lar was cured and was freed by a Legion of Superheroes that also recruited him to become their member.

  1. Superwoman

SuperwomanThere had been several versions of the superhuman that have appeared, but often, she was Lois Lane that was temporarily granted with superpowers. Staryl of Luma Lynai takes the title. Before the predicament, Kristin Wells, the child of Jimmy Olsen that is from the future, supposed the personality of Superwoman. The present Superwoman is Lana Lang.

  1. Chris Kent

ChristopherKentIn 2006, he was introduced as the foster child of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, but the natural born son of the Kryptonian super-villains Ursa and General Zod. Chris had at least some of the powers of Superman. Chris is presently on Earth that is in the costumed identity of the Nightwing.



  1. Kal Kent

KalKentHe is the heir of Superman that rarely interrelates with the ancestors.




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