Who are the top 10 powerful female characters in DC Comics?


It is the time of the all-influential female superhero and sometimes says that they are as equal to those famous superheroes that we know like Batman and Superman to name a bit. Even in the present landscape of latest and the improved superheroines, the long-time lists of the ultimately strong ladies in DC women are still the most inspiring on comic books, movies and television series. Here is the list of the most powerful women on our list.

  1. Starfire

starShe is not only one from the most powerful but also known as the sexiest superheroines in DC comics, Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran planet. She has an alien DNA that provides the exceptional abilities of absorbing dangerous quantity of radiation and transformed it into a pure energy, and then used it as a stick called Starbolts. She may take radiation from some other life forms through sucking and kissing, like when she kissed Dick Grayson, whom she fell in-love with and whom she learned how to talk in English. After years of imprisonment, tortures and a fight with the evil sister, she made it to Earth and there was where she discovered the Teen Titans.


  1. Raven

ravenSpeaking of her moods and dark personality, Rachel Roth is simply powerful. She’s a superheroine plagued with the dark magic powers and has a demon coming from a dad. Even though she wanted to apply her powers for the good of everyone, there are times that she loses control of the emotions and it kills out because of jealousy. Raven has the tele-empathetic ability where she can able to teleport using the Soul-Self that fights for her. She can manipulate others through the telekinesis and then manifested as the force field. Raven is also a famous Teen Titans member. Sad to say, she is a sexual assault outcome when the Emperor Trigon, demonic father insisted himself to Ariella, the human mother. Even though she was taken-care of the monks, yet, she has that hard time in managing her emotions that were fueled by Azar demonic powers.


  1. Hawkgirl

HawkgirlAlthough it is thought as a curse, Hawkgirl is the superheroine that can cheat death continuously with the reincarnation power along side of Hawkman. The Nth Metal can defy gravity and can give Hawkgirl the flight power and advanced healing. The weaponry and trusty mace made from a mystery metal is fatal to her enemies, and it is as great as the battle skill and bloodlust. Hawkgirl had a liking for violence and still remained the powerful fighter, and no matter who they were reincarnated has been, however, Hawkman and our Hawkgirl always locate with each other and then again just to die once more.


  1. Vixen

vixenVixen seizes the strength of the whole animal kingdom and it is because of Tantu Totem necklace the magical family heirloom. She can bind the ferocity of the lion, the rate of the cheetah and a brute strength of the bull to fight anybody that dares to harm mother-nature and these were just the start of the savage powers. The underwater battle is not a problem with Vixen since she may raises gills in immediately. She is an animal civil rights activist that had that limited strength in tapping the strength of any kind of animal to destroy the enemies. Vixen teamed-up with Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and even conquered Gorilla Grodd with a Flash! The ferocious lady that carried the skill of the whole animal kingdom and with her is the deadly and powerful woman.

  1. Batwoman

BatwomanThe family of bat has been contained of many super powerful heroes throughout the tale of DC comics. Batwoman has proven to be the toughest matriarch and the moment that Kate Kane will put on the utility belt, she will become the powerful shield of Gotham City alongside of Batgirl and Batman. Although Kate may be a bit self-vicious, she will always be the closest woman to Batman and this is all because of her extensive exceptional ops training and the high level of analytical intelligence. She may take over Batman that easy and even proved herself as the better option on many occasions. As a young girl, Kate Kane is the typical army brat that shifted from town to town and fell in-love with the City of Gotham.


  1. Huntress

huntressThere have been fairly a few ladies that have carried the Huntress mantle. Huntress can be able to drive a motorcycle and can be better than anybody in the comic book history and is even more precise with the veteran than a Caped Crusader. Huntress has joined the Power Girl for personal series and was a Justice League, Justice Society and Birds of Prey member. The Golden Age Huntress initial introduction was in 1977 and Huntress is a dead woman that remained a fan favorite of everyone.



  1. Batgirl

batgirlBarbara Gordon is a descendant of the police commissioner of Gotham City, James Gordon, and through the motivation from Robin and Batman, she felt that she can do a lot as a vigilante than she ever can do while working together with her father. In spite of the many years of being superheroics and the huge fanbase, Batgirl was sadly best identified for being a victim in the arguably most controversial tale arc when it deals with the ladies in comics. Batgirl is also a computer tech whiz, applying her skills to be an Oracle during the paralysis days, and quite a rebel in protecting the Gotham with her personal brand of justice, performing being the heart of the Family of Bats command center.


  1. Mera

MERAMera is considered one of the top total-wrap up badasses. She ruled with the seven seas that are beside the Aquaman, which provides her with lots of clout. Furthermore, aside from the ability to breathe underwater, she possesses the dominant ability in bending it according to her will. She was also trained to be an assassin and an undersea warrior. These trainings made her a bit hot-headed and too aggressive, that this makes her feel that she is like someone from the outside on the solid ground. Because of undying affection for Aquaman, and just deep down, her admiration for life as a whole, softened her otherwise husky manner and brings her to become a true hero. She initially appeared in Aquaman no. 1 in 1963 as the princess that finally became a valued Queen of Atlantis. Mera was a princess in the underwater empire of Xebel and sent to a task to kill Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, but instead, Mera fell in-love with Aquaman and choose to betray her own people.


  1. Supergirl

supergirlSupergirl is considered the most powerful teen on the planet. She is the Girl of Steel that has all of the similar superpowers with Superman, with an added rage that came from the growing pains which came from maturing on the planet that she does not understand. Like Superman, she has superhuman speed, heat vision, strength, heightened senses and freeze breath. Along with that power of flight, Supergirl packs a devastating and usually uncontrollable punch. This punch makes her even more unsafe to deal with than with Superman, and besides that, she is still in the process of learning everything with her supreme powers.


  1. Wonder woman

Wonder_WomanShe is ranked as number one, because without questions and any doubt, Wonder Woman is considered as the most powerful superheroine. She is 1/3 of Holy Trinity and equally stands following Superman and Batman. She is the primary female superhero and is usually seen as the initial feminist icon in DC Comics but was just recently confirmed to be a bisexual in the DC Rebirth. She became an inspiration, a role model for every woman and the beacon of hope, strength and courage for always.



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